Hi-Fi- Edu is a Cloud based education system


Hi-Fi- Edu is a Cloud based education system through which Schools / Colleges can benefit quickly to automate the whole management / administration process in their education institution. This system provides different portal view for Teachers/Staff, Parents/Students, Administration Staff, Librarian, Principal, etc. depending on their Login User Rights. This System is used for filling the Communication Gap between the Parents and the School / Teachers. This also provides MOBILE APP for Students/Parents and also for the Teachers/Staff. Attractive Management / Statistical Reports will be accessible online for the Principal / Correspondent / Super-User.
Using this system, staff attendance will be done using Bio-Metrics, Payroll will be done based on the bio-metric attendance, Print Transfer Certs, Rank Card, Mark Sheets and other Management Reports. Students Attendance, Marks Report, Home Work, etc will be sent as SMS to Parents. We have also implemented GPS based Bus Tracking System. In addition to all these, We are offering Unlimited NEET Practices and Mock Tests through Mobile App (for Individuals) and PORTAL for Schools. We are also offering Students Assessment and Teachers Assessment solution for Classes from 6th Std – 12th Std using the MATH & SCIENCE Syllabus from BOTH CBSE as well as TN State Board (Samacheer – Including NEW Syllabus for 6th, 9th and 11th)

Our Mission

At HiFiEdu, we focus on building a strong team of experts across content, media and technology to create world-class learning content [Reaching Students and Teachers Everywhere]. We are all about the thrilling journey of chasing learning outcomes. The energy and enthusiasm each of us brings every day to HiFiEdu is palpable. We are constantly in the pursuit of better Education and understand that speed is critical, because life cannot wait.



This App includes thousands of questions and Answers with Explanations from each and every Chapters in 11th and 12th CBSE syllabus (as well as from TN State Board Syllabus) for BOTANY, ZOOLOGY, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY. Students can do Practices on each chapter for each Subject and take infinite number of Mock NEET Tests to self-evaluate themselves. This will give them more confidence to appear for the NEET Exam. This also gives Analytic Report for each Test which will guide them on the area / subject / chapters in which the Students are weak / strong, so that they can concentrate more on those topics to improve their score in the NEET Test.


This Online Subject Aptitude Test Package is available for MATH & SCIENCE via PORTAL as well as in APP for 6th – 12th Std, which will have Questions / Answers / Explanations from BOTH CBSE and TN State Board (Samacheer – including the NEW Syllabus for 6th, 9th and 11th). This is integrated with Teacher’s Dashboard so that they can assign Tests based on the Portions they have covered during each week. Questions will be automatically taken from our question bank based on the Chapter / Sub-Section chosen for that week. Once the Test is taken, Students can view the Results immediately along with the Explanation for the Correct Answer. Teachers can view the Test Results for each Student and generate the Student Performance Report automatically. Schools can generate the Staff Performance Report based on the student’s score of that particular Teacher. This will help the Students to improve the way of learning by understanding the concept instead of memorizing and improve their analytical ability or logical reasoning which will be a great help to survive and win in this competitive market.


Teachers / Staff will be provided a unique Staff ID and a Password through which they can login to their Portal and view all the important / necessary information in their STAFF-DASH- BOARD. They can view their Time Table, check their own Attendance Report, enter Attendance for the Students in their Class, enter the Subject Marks for their Students for whom they are taking classes, assign Home Works for the Classes they are responsible for, view/check any Chat Messages from the Parents or Principal or Other Teachers and also view if Circular / Events happening, etc. in the Dash-Board itself. In case, if they want to view MORE DETAILS on any of the Module, then can always click for details through which they can get all the details / history of that module.


Parents / Students will be provided a unique Student ID and a Password through which they can login to their Portal and view all the important / necessary information in their STUDENT-DASH- BOARD. They can view the Summary of the Student’s Attendance, Current Exam Marks of that Student, Today’s Home Work for that Student, Fees Report Summary such as Fees Paid recently or To-Be- Paid with Due Date, Summary of Chat / Message Board, Weekly Time Table for that Student, To-Do- List / Task Board, Oncoming Events / Circular Notification, etc. They can also view full details / past history about Student’s Attendance / Exam Marks / Fees Paid / Chat or Message Details / Task Board History / Events or Circular Notification, etc.


Management will be provided a unique ID and a Password through which they can login to the Management Portal and view all Management / Statistical Reports about the School / College. Management can view all the necessary information using the MANAGEMENT-DASH- BOARD. The Management Dash Board will have information such as Staff Attendance Report, Summary of Students Attendance, Summary of Fees, Web Based SMS Tool, Chat / Message Board, Events / Circular Update, etc. This portal will include Management and Statistical Reports based on the need. Adding these management and statistical reports will be an ongoing process.


Admin Staff will be provided a unique Admin ID and a Password through which they can login to their Portal and view all the important / necessary information in their ADMIN-DASH- BOARD.


No need to worry about book keeping Or worried about loosing any data

Helps Management to Access to any information remotely using secured mode instead of physically accessing the record

Helps Management to control / manage the school / college efficiently by analyzing the attractive statistical and management report


We can always provide any new reports if necessary


Parents will be notified immediately via SMS on Missing Attendance / Marks Update / Fees Reminder / Home Works / etc. Fill the Gap between the Parents and the Teacher / School / College


Parents can communicate with the Corresponding Teacher via Chat / Messenger Board


Fees can be paid using Net Banking / Credit / Debit Card / Cash. Fees Transaction can be Integrated with the Tally Accounting System

Library System

Students can Reserve / Hold the Book, Search Books using Library System. Librarians can use this System for Issuing Books / Returning Books, etc


Advanced Technology for Staff Attendance is in Progress


Bulk Loading of Student Master is available.


Help will be provided for Initial setting of Database and Populating existing data into the System.


Training will be provided for the Faculty Staff / Admin Staff for ongoing update of data


Email / Phone Support / Remote Screen Sharing Support will be provided. Less Price and More Features


MOBILE APP is provided for Parents Staff / Management Login view.

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